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Comparative justice systems | Law homework help


Professor Herbert Packer of Stanford University constructed two crime models, the Crime Control Model and the Due Process Model. He did this to represent what he viewed as two competing systems of values operating within the criminal justice system.

1.Research Professor Packer’s models and explain them. (150 words minimum)

While it has been represented that each Model is on opposite ends of a seesaw (toy), all countries are labeled as being only one or the other Model. In reality they sometimes seem to shift back and forth or blend together at times, however they still are labeled by ONLY one definite Model. Therefore each country we read about is labeled primarily under only one label. With that in mind answer the following;

2.What type of Primary (name one only) Model label are England and the United States said to operate under?

3.What type of Primary Model (name one only) label does France operates under?

4.Which of all the Models do you think is better and why?

List separately and number the answers to the questions (4) individually (by number) to get full credit. DO NOT write in paragraph form. Number each answer numbered individually.




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