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Complementary and alternative health care | BIOL 2320 – Nutritional Science | Walden University



1) Minimum 10 full pages (No word count per page)- Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per part.

            Part 1: Minimum 1 page

            Part 2: minimum 4 pages

            Part 3: minimum 1 page

            Part 4: minimum 4 pages

    Submit 1 document per part

2)¨******APA norms

          All paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraph

          Bulleted responses are not accepted

          Don’t write in the first person 

          Don’t copy and paste the questions.

          Answer the question objectively, do not make introductions to your answers, answer it when you start the paragraph

Submit 1 document per part

3)****************************** It will be verified by Turnitin (Identify the percentage of exact match of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks) 

********************************It will be verified by SafeAssign (Identify the percentage of similarity of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)

4) Minimum 3 references per part not older than 5 years

All references must be consistent with the topic-purpose-focus of the parts. Different references are not allowed.

5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question. Start your answer on the same line, not the next


Q 1. Nursing is XXXXX

Q 2. Health is XXXX

6) You must name the files according to the Need Help? ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERE part you are answering: 


Part 1.doc 



Part 1:Complementary and Alternative Health Care

 1. Expand on the background and concepts of Ayurvedic medicine 

2. How Ayurvedic medicine is tied to health and illness. 

Part 2:Complementary and Alternative Health Care


The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to reflect on selected RN-BSN competencies acquired through the course.  

1 Define complementary, alternative, and integrative practices as identified by current health paradigms. 

2. Summarize history for complementary and alternative medicine. 

3. Describe the extent to which complementary and alternative health practices are encouraged and used among multiple cultures. 

4 Relate concepts into clinical practice in CAM. 

5 According to the research, what is the regarding the efficacy of complementary and alternative practices and products in nursing. 

6. Describe integrative medicine which embodies conventional and complementary and alternative medicine, making use of the best available evidence of all three approaches to healing within the patient’s personal plan of care.


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