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Compu 8 | Applied Sciences homework help



Option 1:

This course and the CompTIA A+ certification will help you prepare for and meet the knowledge and skill requirements needed for job roles including:

  • desktop support specialist
  • field service technician
  • help desk technician
  • help desk support specialist
  • IT support specialist
  • PC technician
  • service desk analyst
  • technical support specialist

Go to or and conduct research on the A+ certification. Choose a city, state, zip code, or ”remote” area of interest. What did you find? What surprised you? Are the salaries what you expected? Would you be willing to relocate to find a better position or garner more pay?

Option 2:

Visit the Explore the IT careers. What did you find interesting? Where did find the A+ certification? Choose a path and talk about what interests you. Does the tool help you see a career track? Why or why not?


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