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Computer science assignment – computer systems and networks


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1007ICT/7611ICT Computer Systems and Networks Assignment – Semester 2, 2013 1 Due Date: 5pm Friday, 11 October 2013 Software requirement: You must use the Logisim simulator to create your circuits. Assignments submitted using other programs will NOT BE ABLE TO BE MARKED due to incompatible file formats. Submission instructions: You will be required to submit two files electronically using learning @griffith. The two files will be a digital simulator circuit (created using the Logisim simulator) and a written report (in MS Word or compatible format) as described in the text below. You are to submit these files electronically to the learning @griffith site for this course. Full instructions including a link for submitting your assignment will be made available in the same place where you downloaded this assignment. Important: All your filenames must be prefixed with your student number, an underscore character, first name, an underscore character, last name, underscore character and then the name of the file. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ZIP (or other) ARCHIVES. Eg. Your Logisim file would be named: s123456_FirstName_LastName_Logic_Circuit.circ Your Written Report file would be named: s123456_FirstName_LastName_Report.doc Files with filenames that do not adhere to this requirement may NOT be marked. 1007ICT/7611ICT Computer Systems and Networks Assignment – Semester 2, 2013 2 Individual Assignment This is an individual assignment. All work submitted must be your own work. As per the warning given in the first lecture, you should be careful not to use the work of others as your own nor have others use your work as their own. The assignment will be marked out of 100. Marks will be allocated according to the following table: Interview-note: The in-person explanation of how the circuit works will be a short (about 5 minute) interview in which you will demonstrate your circuit and convey your understanding of all aspects of the completed circuit to your workshop tutor. This…


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