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Conduct an experiments to answer two scientific questions provided | Metr 112 | San Jose State University


This is a write-up of ice experiments that you conduct using the scientific method.  You are going to design and conduct your own experiments to answer two scientific questions that are provide about ice melt and sea level rise. 

Please listen to the video for all the details related to the work-

Please include at least 2 photos

Reminder – the work should be approximately 1,000 words .  Here is a breakdown of approximate length of each section.  Please use these headers in the work:

• Purpose (including question you are addressing) – 100 words

• Background (information from your research) – 300 

• Hypotheses and Predictions (model after examples) – 100 

• Materials and Experiment (set up and conducting) – 150 

• Data and Observations (what happened with ice melt) – 150 

• Analysis and Conclusions (answers to the questions) – 200 words

• References (include at lease two references) – APA/MLA; not part of word count

Also, Please Find Attached, additional details for the work to be done


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