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Conflict management please choose one questions and explain in detail


 Conflict Management Please choose one questions and explain in detail your response in no less than 1000 words. . Please be sure to use the APA format for your paper presentation which must have a separate cover page and reference page. ! 1. How and individual views conflict is often times influenced by how conflict was addressed (or not addressed) in their families as they grew up. Reflect back to your childhood. Was conflict more openly addressed or avoided? Do you approach conflict in a similar manner now as an adult ? If not , was a conscious decision made to approach conflict differently.? 2.Oftentimes, conflict aftermath far exceeds the scope of significance of the original conflict . For example , a relatively small difference in opinion could escalate to manifest conflict if others become involved and retaliation begins. Think of a conflict in your life where a relatively small conflict escalated into manifest conflict with significant conflict aftermath. Was there a point at which this progression of conflict could have been avoided or minimized? 


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