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Core competencies of an effective cross-cultural manager


Cross-cultural management broadly involves handling workforce teams comprised of people of diverse backgrounds.  Though usually considered ethnocentric, as we have discovered, one’s “culture” is an amalgamation of the individuals, groups, environments and experiences that have shaped thoughts, perceptions, values, and beliefs.  To manage diversity, organizations take action through formal and informal structures that are designed to create greater inclusion of employees.  This effort includes implementation of deliberate policies and programs that support an inclusive workplace strategy.  In addition, managers and leaders of diverse teams must be developed to be culturally competent as well as educated on laws and precedents related to workplace discrimination and appropriateness.  

Based on what you have learned thus far in the course,

What do you believe to be the three essential core competencies of an effective cross-cultural manager in today’s global environment? 

To receive full credit, your post must be thorough (no less than 300 words), citations should be included when appropriate, and responses to at least two of your classmates are necessary. Post directly into the forum.


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