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Counseling | Education homework help



  • Written report will be evaluated for neatness and content
  • Minimum 3 pages, double spacedhis assignment will require you to research a career that interests you. Think of the top career choice after weeks of research. What career do you keep coming back to?

What is the career title? Be specific

What are the requirements of the job? What education is required for the career?

What skills are required?

What is your major for this career?

Where do you plan to complete the education requirements? (Name of college)

How much is college going to cost you to pursue this career?

What is the average salary in California for this career?

Why did you choose this career?

Is this career a good fit for your personality and interests? Explain

Where do you plan to live to pursue this career?

What is another related career you could pursue after this career?


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