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Counselling Intervention : Choose one of the 4 interventions for this course: Affective, Cognitive, Behavioural, Systemic


 Appendix A3

Research Paper

You will select and research a counselling intervention that was not covered during this course.

You must inform your instructor of the intervention you choose prior to beginning your assignment to ensure it meets the criteria.

You will produce a 3-5 page paper describing the intervention and evaluating the available research.
• A description of the intervention

• An analysis of available research on the intervention’s efficacy, citing a minimum of three academic journal articles.

• A discussion of the limitations of the intervention and any instances where it should not be used • A summary of your impressions on the intervention

Marking Guide Intervention

  • Description: Clearly and accurately describes the intervention in terms of its origins, underlying assumptions, goals, and methods.
  • Analysis: Synthesizes in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/approaches.
  • Limitations: Discusses in detail relevant and supported limitations and implications. Impressions States a conclusion that is a logical extrapolation from the inquiry findings.


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