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Course paper rough draft instructions | GRST 501 – Graduate Success Strategies | Liberty University


Position Paper  see attachment:

Instructions: First, submit your complete Course Paper Rough Draft as  Your Course Paper Rough Draft must be at least four pages of text (including introduction, body, and conclusion), cite at least four sources, and follow a current format style (Turabian, MLA, AMA, or APA) in accordance with your selected discipline. Submit the completed rough draft to your GRST instructor on Blackboard and to the Online Writing Center (OWC) by filling out a tutoring request form located on their website: Select the FULL REVIEW option when filling out the tutoring request form for a draft review. 

Your GRST instructor will provide feedback on the draft within a week and will return your paper so you can make your final, improved revision of your paper. Your instructor will score your draft according to the Course Paper Grading Rubric which is available in the Assignment Instructions folder of this course.

You must also submit the draft to the Online Writing Center to complete the OWC Feedback step of your course paper process. To do so, you will need to fill out a Request Tutoring Form on their website. This is a wonderful free service for all Liberty University Online students. The goal is for you to understand how to successfully use this service in the future, so if you run into computer trouble, don’t worry! Remember the Help Desk is available to you or you may also email [email protected] for assistance. Also, please read and follow the OWC’s guidelines first. Then, use the tutoring link on their website to submit your Request Tutoring Form: 

See feed back from teacher when prepare rough draft

 Feedback to Learner4/7/20 11:42 PM

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