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Course project phase: project proposal assignment | BMIS 580 – Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies | Liberty University


 Course Project Phase: Project Proposal Assignment Instructions


The course project will assess your ability to solve a complex Information System (IS) problem/challenge in an IS context of your interest. A specific focus of the project will be placed on Human Computer Interaction (HCI). 


To complete this phase of your course project, you will need to submit the Project Proposal. The project proposal must be at least 1,200 words of text that answers all the items listed below, must follow current APA format, contain a title page, and reference page with a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources.

Project Proposal

1. Company description

o Select a company

o Describe the company (introduction/background)

o Explain the current state of the company

2. Problem Statement (Opportunity Statement)

o State the unmet business technology problem

o State the HCI problem your information system will attempt to resolve

o Explain why this problem needs fixed

o State your reasons for choosing to fix this problem

3. Purpose Statement

o Project purpose or business case justification

o State the type of information system you will be creating or fixing

o Describe the information system

o Explain the most critical services being offered by this information system or webpage

4. Project description

o Select a poorly designed HCI information system or HCI web interface

o Review its features

o Analyze its features

5. Identify the User

o State the users

o Define the users

o Describe the user requirements

o Identify the target audience

6. State your reasons for choosing this company and system or website

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Submit your assignment to the Turnitin Draft link to check for potential issues with plagiarism. When you are ready, submit the final version of your assignment to the designated Turnitin submission link.


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