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Create analytic horsepower | Information Systems homework help


You have now either purposely built two strong databases, or you have  one solid one that represents a research or industry issue with  multi-faceted problems to be solved by the data stored in the schema.  Now, put these data to work for advanced analytics needs.

For your Signature Assignment, you will continue working with your  database from Week 6 using MySQL Workbench to describe and reflect upon  your work in a paper that describes the process for developing insights.  This is the essence of creating analytic horsepower from data.

Based on the scenario above, be sure your paper addresses the following:

  • Include your problem statement, statement of significance for solving this problem to the literature or industry.
  • Identify your process for database design and indicate which facets  you determined were needed to develop the endpoint insights and thus  reflected in the tables and fields you created.
  • Determine and describe the factors necessary to ensure referential integrity in the database.
  • Discuss what future research or industry problems could be solved  from the existing schema with the addition of additional tables from  other data sources (cite your assumptions and references to the  literature).
  • Describe any assumptions or limitations for each relationship between attributes in your schema.
  • Create an ER diagram (schema) in MySQL Workbench. Take a screenshot  of the full schema diagram. Label your screenshots when you paste them  into your document.
  • Export your database to your computer. Be sure and select the option to “Export to Self-Contained File.”
  • Include a standard title page at the beginning of your document.
  • Submit your database file and your paper to the assignment Dropbox.

Length: 10 pages, not including title page 

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment  requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate  thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course


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