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Create data flow diagram | Information Systems homework help


A database management system is comprised of three components: a data definition language, data dictionary, and data manipulation language.

A logical design helps to analyze and understand the data from a business perspective, while physical design shows how the database is arranged on direct access storage devices.

Prepare a logical design for a process used by your organization. You may select something that you work with directly, or a hypothetical process. Your logical design should cover the three aspects of the database management system. Compare and contrast this with the physical design of the process and describe how the logical design and physical design affect one anther.

You logical design process should be at least 4 pages in length and address all of the required components. Use visual elements when appropriate.  Apa format should be used, including any citations.

additional resources which may help with the completion of your assignment for this week:

Your work can begin with a simple Use Case diagram:

or go into more depth with a Data Flow Diagram (DFD):

But in short, make sure you describe how the three components in the assignment instructions: a data definition language, data dictionary, and data manipulation language, fit within your process flow. You are welcome to use illustrations or diagrams as appropriate. I recommend using Lucid chart as a free tool to draw your process flows. Here is one more resource to help in showing the differences between logical and physical design.

I work as Project coordinator in cognizant with the client Fresenius Medical Care. My main responsibility is to coordinate offshore and onshore teams. In my daily work I need to see how I can improve the technology used in Fresenius. 


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