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Create your assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources,



Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


  1. What anthropological evidences and discoveries support the evolution of the human race as it differs from other species? What prompted the Homo sapiens to migrate from Africa and the factors that enabled the human population to increase rapidly?
  2. What are the insights and theories on the genesis of war? Consider current conflicts in the world and the extent that these theories are still relevant.
  3. Compare and contrast foraging with husbandry as alternatives to farming. Why has the foraging way of life persisted today? What are the disadvantages of farming and husbandry compared to foraging? Why were agricultural settlements less stable than foraging communities? Why has violence between farmers and foragers been so common in history?
  4. Where did farming begin? How did agriculture / farming support human societies and what kind of techniques did early farmers adopt? Why did people from most areas switch from foraging to farming? What theories support the switch from foraging to farming among early people?


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