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Criminal justice 3 | Criminal homework help


Throughout the course, you will be learning about the steps, people, and activities involved in the criminal justice system. Each week, you will be reading about a high profile case and adding real case information from the case to your reflective journal for the module. Additionally, you will reflect on your understanding of the course content and applying it to the case, answering guiding questions each week.

For your third journal entry, you will be asked to select your high profile case, discuss burden of proof and how it was carried out in the case.

  1. Applying information and ideas from Module 3 readings, discussions and activities, address the following questions about your high profile case:
    • The classification of the crime in your ‘high profile case’.
    • Outline the burden of proof (the criminal act, the mental state, and concurrence) used by the prosecutor to pursue the person in your high profile case.  What proof did the prosecutor have?
    • Were there any ‘attendant circumstances’ in your case?
    • In a short paragraph, discuss your opinion if the high profile person should have accepted a ‘plea bargain’ if it were offered.
    • What role did the media play during due process?  Do you feel it had any impact on the prosecutor pursuing the case?
  2. You will need to research your own background information on your High Profile case as it applies to content from Module 3 by using an online search engine.  You can use a variety of resources and websites to collect your information on due process and officers of the court.


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