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Cultural and generational influences | Education homework help


Part 3 – Cultural and Generational Influences Return to the 1 workplace issue that you identified for CPE part 2. Analyze the issue chosen and select one cultural and one generational group present on that unit and include a discussion of the influence of both culture and generations on the issue. The list below will guide your thinking (it is not inclusive). Cultures: Hispanic and Latin American (identify the country) Asia (identify the country) Middle East (identify the country) European (identify the country) African (identify the country) Native Peoples (identify) Pacific Islanders (identify) Other (identify) Generations: Traditionalists (born before 1945) Baby boomer 1946 – 1964 Generation X (Baby Busters) 1965- 1981 Generation Y (Millennials) 1982 to 1999 Generation Z (Internet Generation) 1990′s – current Generation AO (Always On) 2000′s – current Other (identify) Using the library resources to research the characteristics of the culture and the generation you selected. Return to the one issue you chose for this assignment and reflect on the following: In what way did, or should have, cultural and generational matters influence the manner in which the leader addressed the issue? What did the leader do and what could she/he have done differently? What cultural and generational benefits, challenges, opportunities, barriers, and/or influences were involved? Part 3 of the project should be organized in the following manner: 1. Title page 2. Introduction (purpose of the paper discussed) 3. Body of the paper: a) Define the issue. b) Explain how the issue uniquely manifests itself in a nursing staff. c) Describe how the issue impacts a nursing staff. d) Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used by the nurse leader. e) Discussion of the effect of the selected cultural and generation on the issue. 4. Conclusions, recommendations, and future implications to professional nursing practice 5. Reference page 6. Appendices (if appropriate) 7. Follow APA guidelines. Rubric requirements: Introduction (purpose of the paper) Definition of Issue Explanation of how the issue manifests itself in the nursing staff. Effectiveness of strategies used by Nurse Leader. Effect of the issue on the selected culture and generation. Conclusion, recommendations, and future implications for professional nursing. Written Communication & APA Formatting. Application of Information Resource.  


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