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Cultural integration (hum401) | American history homework help


Choose one of the historical documents from this module’s reading and discuss the kinds of claims made about the nature of immigration or cultural intermingling in the document. As you prepare your assignment, reflect on the following sorts of questions (not all questions will apply to all of the historical documents):

  • According to the document, what is the nature of an immigrant?
  • What obligations—if any—does a host nation have to those willing to or interested in immigrating?
  • What obligations do immigrants have to their new host nation?
  • How does a culture or a nation claim legitimate ownership over property, land, or a nation?
  • How is this legitimacy challenged?
  • Are the goals of “civilizing” or spreading knowledge, religion, or some other value ever justified in terms of “conquering” or assimilating a culture? 

After you have reflected on these questions, write a 3–4 page essay (not including title page or references page) that articulates the vision of cultural integration as presented in the historical document. Your essay must demonstrate your understanding and comprehension of the historical document, and should address the problems and dangers, as well as the progress and benefits, that result from cultural intermingling as presented in the historical document. Include an APA formatted title page and reference page.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


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