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Db4-421 | SPORTS 421 | Liberty University


In addition to the governance structures described in Chapter 14, most nations also have a governmental agency that oversees all sports, including professional sport, in that nation.  Sometimes this agency is named the Ministry of Sport.  Research Ministry of Sport agencies in at least three foreign countries prior to answering the following questions:

1.  If such a structure were created in the US, who would serve on the Ministry and how should it be organized?

2.  How would such an agency interact with current sport governance agencies in the US?  Make sure you think about all levels of sport participation in the US including amateur, interscholastic, intercollegiate, professional, and Olympic sports.

3.  Do you think a Ministry of Sport would improve sport in America?  Why or why not?  Base your decision on the research you have completed about similar agencies outside the US.

Based on current (2010 to present) research and personal experience, research this topic and support your opinions with at least 1 citation. This link provides a sport-management-specific research portal at the Jerry Falwell Library that may be used for this assignment. Also, refer to the presentation in the Reading & Study folder that shows you how to locate scholarly resources in the field of Sport Management.


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