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Definition of terms ‘word cloud



Below are four terms relating to the topics covered in this unit that you will need to be able to define and apply to the ethical use of your professional self. Using your readings and other professional sources, create a definition for each term in your own words (i.e., paraphrase, not copied word for word from the text). 

  • Transference
  • Countertransference
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Self-care

After everyone has submitted their definitions, your instructor will create a word cloud using your definitions and post the link to it in a new discussion thread in this forum. Word clouds show the words that are used most frequently in a larger size than less frequently used words. Using the word cloud from your instructor, look for commonalities across the definitions and post a reply discussing why you feel these commonalities exist. Are there any that surprised you? What trends do you see?

Initial Post Prompt:

Your initial discussion board post should be at least 200-250 words in length. Please reference any articles you use for your example. 


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