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Designing er diagrams | Operations Management homework help



Question 1: 

Using suitable ERD tool develop ERD for a gym database. You may choose entity types e.g. gym member, employees, programs available, program opted, location, health emergency. You need to identify relevant attributes for each entity types. Identify composite attributes, multivalued attributes, and week entities. Apply appropriate constraints (e.g. primary key, foreign key, not null, unique). Identify relationships among various entities. 

Some conditions are specified below:

a. The employees can be staff or trainers. The employee type field is used to distinguish between the two which take the values “S” and “T” for staff and trainer respectively. 

b. Each member can opt for one or more programs.

c. The gym offers several programs. A program might not be chosen by any member of gym.

d. The gym’s management wishes to track the payment details of members (amount, mode of payment, and date of payment). Suggest how can they track.

e. While exercising in gym if any member gets injury then gym management should be able arrange medical emergency facility.  


Question 2:

Draw an “Extended Entity Relationship Diagram” for the following problem:

A company posts job openings online. Job seekers must apply for these jobs online as well. The company will process the applications and call eligible job seekers for an interview. Upon successful completion of the interview, job seeker may be hired, and the corresponding job opening will be deleted from the company’s Website. Job seekers have an ID, name, work history, and qualifications. A job posting can be either for a part time or full time position. Part time positions have a total number of weekly hours and an hourly rate. Full time positions have a monthly salary. Both types of job listings have details about the position and the company. 

Note: In question 2, Identify appropriate entities, attributes, relationships and apply extended entity relationship concepts such as specialization (total /partial), generalization, super type sub type whichever you feel useful / applicable as per question. 


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