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Develop two (2) work plans? in a tables format | Diploma in logistics


Develop two (2) Work Plans 

  • Review the National Camper Trailers Pty. Ltd. NCT Business Plan, HR Strategic Plan and HR Operational Plan.
  • These documents will provide you with the necessary consultation and knowledge to develop the following required Work Plans. 

Develop two (2) Work Plans. 

  1. Work Plan: For a Position Description; and 
  2. Work Plan: For a formal Warning Process.

We recommend utilizing the templates below to complete this activity and update each point provided.

However, if developing your own template, please ensure that you include the following:

  • Allocate work in a way that is efficient
  • Cost-effectiveness      
  • Outcome focused
  • Confirm standards and code of conduct 
  • Work outputs with related teams and individuals 
  • Agreed performance indicators with relevant staff prior to commencement of work
  • Risk analysis in accordance with the organizational risk management plan (Likelihood vs Consequence)  


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