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Discussion eleven: motivation and performance


Ever since the days of Freud, scientists have been wary about studying the unconscious mind. After all, how do you study something that people are supposedly unaware of? But as this chapter demonstrates, great strides have been made in the study of the unconscious over the past few decades. Given what you have learned, do you think that scientists can adequately study the unconscious mind in a rigorous and objective way? Or do you think that the unconscious mind is too abstract to be subjected to rigorous experimental testing? In responding to this question, make sure to provide evidence or examples to back up your argument.

Each initial discussion response must be 300 words or more, not including restatement of questions and references, in order to receive the full credit. Each initial response must also contain at least 1 formalized APA 7 references.

                                                                         Book reference:

Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological
Association (7th ed.).

Burkley, E., & Burkley, M. (2018). Motivation Science (1st ed.). Pearson. 


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