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Discussion: how i built this


How I Built This with Guy Raz is an excellent NPR Podcast that talks about how companies got their start and the basis for this week’s discussion. Given your study of market structure and microeconomics overall this semester, I think you will have a greater appreciation for these stories! Have fun with this! 

Pick any podcast from any time period – just pick something that interests you or that you are curious about  

Summarize how the business was built from a micro-economic perspective.  

Include the following:

  • Identify the firm you selected and include the URL for the podcast that you listened to – be sure you list the specific URL and not the one for all the podcasts.  Why did you select this firm’s podcast?  What interested you about the firm?
  • Write a paragraph or two summarizing how they build the business and include at least 8 economic terms from any chapter studied in this semester 
    • Identify, in your opinion, the one key decision was that influenced the direction of the business
  • Include at least one quote about the business from an outside source.  
  • ONE Cross posts and include one additional fact or statement ( with quote and citation) to expand the knowledge base on the firm.

Link to the Podcast:


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