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Discussion response 2 | Nursing homework help


Questions to ask the patient if she were in your office.

First question: I will either ask the patient or fill out the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI). The ISI questionnaire will assist me in obtaining a clearer view as to the specifics of the patient’s sleep disturbance to provide a treatment tailored to the patient’s needs. Research has shown that older adults have less awareness of the severity of their insomnia and, to some extent, correlates the sleep disturbances in the aging population (Wallace & Wohlgemuth, 2019).

Second question: I will inquire about the patient’s sleeping habits. Asking about the patient’s current practices in sleep hygiene will allow me to look into the patient’s concerns in a bigger picture to determine if the patient needs nonpharmacological or pharmacological treatment.

Third question: I will ask the patient what her treatment goal is and what she would like to achieve. I believe this to be a crucial part of the patient’s evaluation, as this will serve as the patient’s foundation in treatment.

Aside from asking the patient, involving the patient’s support system will also help tailor the type of care the patient can get. The patient’s support system can help address tangible needs and even provide social determinants of the patient’s health (Dai et al., 2016).


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