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Discussions and portfolio project: its-833: information governance


Discussion 1: Digital Archival

Word count: 300+

Chapter 17 – Long-Term Digital Preservation 

Chapter 18 – Maintaining an Information Governance Program and Culture of Compliance

Digital preservation can be defined as the long-term, error-free storage of digital information, with means for retrieval and interpretation, for the entire time span the information is required to be retained.  Though this assessment holds true to the authors, business organizations continue to face significant challenges in meeting their LTDP needs, especially those organizations whose primary mission is to preserve and provide access to permanent records.

Looking at your identified industry for your paper, what considerations would have to be made in developing a long-term archival plan for a company within that industry?

Remember to cite your sources. Share an applicable personal experience
. Provide an outside source that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please cite properly in APA)
*  At least one scholarly source should be used in the discussion. Be sure to use information from your readings. Use proper citations and references in your post.

Discussion 2: Reflection Activity

Word count: 300+

During this semester, we examined several areas of governance and ways in which governance models are applied and regulated by governments and industry since you have already examined several research articles, choose an interesting topic on governance models, frameworks, regulations, etc. 

Here are some pointers that will help critically evaluate some viable topics.• Is the topic attainable for a first-time dissertation student? 

• Is the problem rooted in the literature? 

• Is the research empirical, i.e., is there a survey, is there an interview guide, has the data been analyzed via some statistical tool? 

• Is there a theoretical model or framework discussed? 

Discuss the topic, the problem the model has been used in the research, and any present findings.

Portfolio project: 

Attached is the document for reference on what is already completed. 

Please make sure to fill in the pieces that are required in the below description.

No. of pages: 2 (for 2 and 5 points listed below)
The entire milestone should be a minimum of 2 pages with 10 peer-reviewed scholarly articles.  

You must include at least one figure or table. These must be of your own creation. Do not copy from other sources. 

Expectations are that it will be a scholarly work, using largely peer-reviewed resources, formatted to APA 7 style. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are significantly weighted.  


You have recently been hired as a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) at a large company (You may choose your industry). This is a newly created position and department within the organization that was founded on the need to coordinate all areas of the business and to provide governance of the information. You will need to hire for all positions within your new department. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and in this time has collected vast amounts of data. Much of this data has been stored in hard copy format in filing cabinets at an offsite location but in recent times, collected business data is in electronic format stored in file shares. Customer data is being stored in a relational database, but the lack of administration has caused data integrity issues such as duplication. There are currently no policies in place to address the handling of data, business, or customers. The company also desires to leverage the marketing power of social media but has no knowledge of the types of policies or legal issues they would need to consider. You will also need to propose relevant metrics that should be collected to ensure that the information governance program is effective. The CEO and Board of Directors have tasked you to develop a proposal (paper) that will give them the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on an enterprise-wide Information Governance program, addressing (at a minimum) all of these issues, for the company.      

Part3:  This is the final part of the portfolio project. Please include the below sections:             

1. Executive Summary (Abstract) – beginning of the project ie; after title page.             

2. Introduction – COMPLETED             

3. Annotated Bibliography  and  Literature review   – COMPLETED             

4. Program and technology recommendations, including:                 

      a. Metrics

      b. Data that matters to the executives in that industry, the roles for those executives, and some methods for getting this data into their hands.

      c. Regulatory, security, and privacy compliance expectations for your company

      d. Email and social media strategy

      e. Cloud Computing strategy

5. Conclusion

Textbook: Title: Information Governance, ISBN: 9781118421017 Authors: Robert F. Smallwood Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Publication Date: 2014-03-28  

Note: plagiarism check required, APA7 format, include References, within 8hrs

This post has 3 assignments. Please provide answers in separate documents.


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