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Dissertation sketch | Computer Science homework help


Sketch out a research design for a potential dissertation study that includes the following elements: 


(1) Research Questions: What do I need to know? 

(2) Purpose: Why Do I Need to Know This? 

(3) Theories, Models, and Hypotheses 

(4) Research Design/Approach: How will I design a study that allows me to address my RQs and achieve my purpose?

(5) Sampling: Who will participate in my study? How will I select my participant(s)?

(6) Data Collection Methods #1: What kind of data will answer my RQs?

(7) Data Collection Methods #2: How will I collect, create, find, or access my data? Who or what will they come from?

(8) Data Analysis: How will I interpret my data? How will I connect my interpretations back to my RQs? 

(9) Data analysis procedures and theoretical framework


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