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dq’s | Operations Management homework help


Each DQ need to be between 175 to 250 words each. Also, make sure they DQ’s is separated so I will know the difference in them. 

DQ 1

Localizing Global Supply Chains

For your initial post in this discussion, identify a global supply  chain that has not respected local customs and practices. Then apply the  triple bottom line and the frameworks identified in this week’s reading  to describe how leadership should modify their approach in  a way that also improves business outcomes.

DQ 2

Do Codes of Ethics Change Anything?

For your initial post in this discussion, evaluate Withers and  Ebrahimpour’s research. Do you support the author’s contentions on the  effect of codes of ethics on supply chains? Why  or why not?

DQ 3

Supply Chain Sustainability Case Study

In your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains  text, read the “Supply Chain Sustainability at Clif Bar and Company”  case study on pages 597–598. Then respond to the case study’s questions  1–3 as your initial post for this discussion.


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