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Dr. evil scenario | English homework help




You have been hired by a super evil genius, Dr. Evil! In his plans for world domination you and your team of evil doers are tasked with building a super computer for doing evil deeds. Your project manager suggest that you start your search using either the TigerDirect ( (Links to an external site.)) or the New Egg ( (Links to an external site.)) websites for your search in building your super mega evil computer.

What Dr. Evil must know includes:

  • Microprocessor specs, including, cores, speed, cache and why
  • Make of Mother Board and the buss speed, total memory possible, how many cores can you have installed
  • Type of memory, its speed, and total memory you are using in your computer of doom
  • Video Card and specs
  • Hard Drive type, size, and speed if needed
  • Computer case and any evil lighting
  • Power Supply size (Watts)
  • Any additional peripherals you may add to your computer to help with world domination

Remember to add all of your goodies up and give Dr. Evil a total system price along with a presentation with your system specs. Those teams that do not meet Dr. Evils needs will be thrown in to the Shark Tank of Doom!!


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