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econimic | Economics homework help


Introduction to CEE:

This assignment is meant to be a very brief connection of what we are learning “in here” to the real world “out there.” Describe a current eventconnected to the course material for the week (from chapter 1 or chapter 2) from a recent periodical

Grading Rubric (10 points):

   Describe the Current Event article = 4 points, Course Content Description = 4 points, Citations (in-text and work cited for article, 1 each) = 2 points.

Your course CEE needs to be a clear, concise description of the article and a description of how the article is connected to the week’s course content. Remember: Current Economic Events account for 20% of the course grade and are due no later than Thursday each week.

CEE Instructions:

Current Economic Events: Read and think about current economic events in periodicals such as the EconomistOregonian and Wall Street Journal.

Describe a current event connected to the course material for the week (content topics can be found listed at the beginning and in the summary at the end of each textbook chapter) from a recent (within the last year ) periodical.

Include a direct quote from the textbook and describe the connection to this week’s course content, and the in-text citation (Author, year, page #). Include the textbook page reference. 

Include the Article Citation (Author, Date, Title, Publisher, Location/web address) and the textbook content page reference.

This assignment is due by Thursday evening.

Example: (My description of the CEE example is just a few lines to give you an idea to get started.  Be sure to describe the article in 3-5 sentencesand describe the connection to the textbook in 3-5 sentences, and include the citation as well)

Title: Current Event Week 2

Article: In the Wall Street Journal this weekend, the article “U.S. Hiring Shows Traction for Recovery,” Mitchell and O’Connor of the Wall Street Journal explain that hiring increased, leading to the lowest unemployment rate in three years. The U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs in December demonstrating signs that the labor market is strengthening, although there are still signs of uncertainty.

Content Connection: Economics is “the study of ordinary life.” (Krugman and Wells, 2013, p.1)the article describe the ordinary life occurrence of changing unemployment in the economy. The unemployment is a lagging indicator of economic activity.  An increase in hiring demonstrates an increase in economic activity.


Mitchell, J. & P. O’Connor. (2012, January 7). U.S. hiring shows traction for recovery. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from:

Grading Rubric (10 points)Describe the Current Event article = 4 points, Course Content Description = 4 points, Citations (in-text and work cited for article, 1 each) = 2 points.



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