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En121- apa formatting | EN121 – Analytical Thinking, Writing & Research | Monroe College


Week 5 Assignment

Using the Sources listed below created a properly formatted APA Reference list.

The Assignment for this week is not part of our research paper but it is an important review for creating a correctly formatted APA Reference list for the sourced information you locate and include in your research paper.

Assignment: Use the website to create a reference list in APA format for these electronic publications and websites listed below. You can also refer to the APA format guide in the Start Here documents, and related information in the Library’s libguides for APA formatting.

APA has specific guidelines (italics, capitalization, etc.) for each type of source. ALL the sources for this assignment are “electronic” format and ALL journal articles were obtained from library databases (JSTOR, SAGE, WILEY, EBSCOHOST, PROQUEST), NOT from websites. Remember to analyze the URL to obtain the entity of any reports obtained from a website in PDF format.

View this video for guidance on APA reference list citations.

NOTE: Some of the links were no longer available so the numbers begin with Source #6. The links below are functioning properly and can be used for the Assignment.

Source #6

Source #7

Source #8

Source #9

Source #10

***Submit your assignment as a MS Word file.


Source link