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Entrepreneurial initiative | Business & Finance homework help


Projects beyond financial and operational sustainability must also serve society and include the five Ps (people, planet, profits, peace, and prosperity). The business or entrepreneurial initiative you will be designing must create mutual value, such as capacity building and sustainable wealth creation, for both society and the organization. 

· You are presenting to the CEO for a 5P’s intra-perineurial new business line or a group of potential investors to fund your 5P’s entrepreneurial initiative. 

· You are a recognized global consulting agency with extensive work in this area of expertise or a very enthusiastic and creative entrepreneur.  

· You also need to include a procedure to help your client work with your implementations after you finish your contract with the company or provide an exact timeline on how you intend to start and consolidate your new entrepreneurial venture 

· You need to close your presentation with a clear and conclusive set of arguments for your client to hire you to implement what you are suggesting or for your investors to join you in launching your initiative.


Critical Success Factors for Your Project Presentation

What is new? 

· What is your value proposition? 

· Is there a need for it? 

· How did you come to produce this project? 

So what? 

· Why is this relevant?

· How do you organize to deliver this value proposition (business model)? 

· How do you consider the five Ps (people, planet, profit, peace, prosperity)? 

· What are the financial implications?

· What are the market/promotion key success factors Produce some sales forecast and break-even analysis?

· What makes your VP different and unique? 

What is next? 

· Provide a chronograph of the activities to do. 

· Provide key success factors for execution

· Make sure that you have a compelling Value Proposition and robust/sustainable business model. (5Ps) 


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