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Essay experiencing religion around me


In this essay you will have to look in your journal and find religion. Religion is around all of us, whether we are religious or practice certain things in a religion. From the moment we open our eyes, we have interactions, we see, and hear things. Many things we do resemble religion, or can be linked to things we are learning in our class. In this essay you will have to use the information in the journal to write how religion appears in your every day life. Some important pointers:

  • Make sure you use only the information provided in the journal. Do not talk about something you did not mention there.
  • Sometimes you might have to pick two or three things mentioned in the journal and develop them in the essay. You do not need to write about every single thing mentioned.
  • Do not repeat what is in the journal. When I grade the essay, I will open your journal and use it as reference.
  • Link things to the content of our class. The more connections, the better your essay will be.
  • Some of you may be researching some of the things you observed in your journal, so make sure you cite your sources.
  • If you explain some of the religious things you have mentioned, make sure you know for sure why those things are done; you will be surprised to learn that sometimes we do things and we either do not know the reason, or we give it our own reasoning.
  • Make sure you read the general feedback provided in your journal, as I provide some guidance on how to face this assignment based on the type of journal you have submitted.

034-terms and conditions.pngFormat:

  • The essay has to be 1000-1500-words, points will be deducted if you do not write the minimum amount of words required.
  • You can write in MLA or Chicago Style. The MLA handbook can be found in the following link How to write a good essay.
  • Make sure to use parenthetical citations in the essay and cite your sources at the end as bibliography or works cited (depending on the format you chose)
  • Make sure you double spaced the essay. If not, it is very hard for me to make corrections.


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