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Ethical paper | Management homework help


Ethical leadership is a form of leadership in which individuals demonstrate conduct for the common good that is acceptable and appropriate in every area of their life. It is composed of the following three major elements: Be the Example; Champion the Importance of Ethics; Communicate. This project was originally a two-part paper but has been scaled back to allow students to focus only on part II which requires only a 3 page, APA formatted paper.

For this adjusted paper, students will focus on sharing their values, vision, and personal commitment and development as an ethical leader.  You will also include lessons and ah-ha moments you learned from reading The Most Good You Can Do.  Below is the suggested outline I would like you to follow:

  • Introduction
  • Why are ethics and morals an important part of leadership?
  • Describe your personal ethics to include your values, vision, and work ethics or standards
  • Detail your personal commitment and development as an ethical leader
  • Reflection on experience with reading The Most Good You Can Do (sharing their most significant take aways from the book)
  • Conclusion

Keep in mind, you will need to include a title page and reference page (which do not count toward the 3 page minimum).


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