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Counselors must abide by the ACA Code of Ethics, the laws and regulations of their state in which they practice, and federal laws. Understanding and knowing these standards, laws, and regulations are imperative to a counselor’s practice standards. This assignment helps you become familiar with the ethical decision-making model, ACA Code of Ethics, state laws, regulations, and federal laws. You will learn how to apply both ethical standards and laws to common ethical scenarios.


Your paper must be in current APA format. The body of your paper must be 3-5 pages and your paper must include at least 4 references. Citations for both ACA and the state code of ethics must be included and does count towards the 4 required references. Note that the title page and reference page do not count toward the required page length. Your paper must be well-thought-out and demonstrate critical thinking. Also, all references must be from professional sources (professional journals and professional texts; no informal websites).

Please view the Watch items for the assigned Module: You will choose one watch item

(A Helpful Receptionist or Whose Records) to complete your paper.

Divide your paper into the following headings and answer the questions:

Identify the problem.

  • Outline the facts, separating out innuendos, assumptions, hypotheses, or suspicions.
  • Correctly and clearly identify the problem(s) by answering the questions, “Is this problem an ethical, legal, professional, or clinical problem? Is it a combination of more than one of these?”

Applicable ACA Codes

  • Identify all applicable ACA Code of Ethics. Which codes apply, or can address, the problem(s) presented in the scenario? Make sure to cite the code numbers.

Applicable State Codes/or Mental Health Laws

  • Which ethics codes from your state practice act apply to this scenario? (Make sure to include the code numbers)

Determine the nature/dimensions of the dilemma. In this section make sure to:

  • Correctly identify the moral principles of the profession that apply. In other words, which of the professional values apply to this problem? Autonomy, beneficence, justice, nonmaleficence, fidelity, and/or veracity? Why?

Applicable Federal Mental Health Laws

  • Does any Mental Health Federal Laws apply to this scenario?

            Potential course of action

  • Determine how you would address or resolve the problem. Please briefly provide evidence from the literature to support your decision.

When you have completed your paper, save it as a Microsoft Word document under your name and assignment title (Example: Doe_J_Ethical_Minute_Paper). Submit your paper via the Turnitin draft. Wait until the link indicates that Turnitin has analyzed your paper and prepared a report. Once the report has generated, go back to the report and evaluate it. You will notice that Turnitin often matches on headings, titles, and references. If you see matches on entire sentences or paragraphs that are not enclosed in quotation marks, then you have unintentionally plagiarized. You will need to go back and re-write those sections in your own words.

Submit the final paper using the second Turnitin link. If the final paper you submit contains entire sentences or paragraphs that have a high similarity index to other sources, it may indicate either unintentional or intentional plagiarism. You may be contacted by your instructor.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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