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Ethics in the Movie Review


Watch the movie, Antwone Fisher (2002, directed by Denzel Washington) . Consider that the film is based on a real case, and review the ethical concerns that it raises. Write a 4 page paper where you discuss:
1. In what ways might the therapist seem to have violated principle ethics?
2. Is there any way that the therapist’s handling of the case is justifiable under the ACA code?
3. Is there any way that cultural dimensions make the therapist’s handling of the case more justifiable?
4. Whether and how the case exemplifies virtue ethics (or how not)
5. other factors to consider from an ethical decision-making model
6. whether this case might represent what some writers call ” responsible disobedience”

Virtue ethics focuses on the counselor’s motive, intention, character, and ethical consciousness. Virtue ethics recognizes the need to interpret principles differently in each cultural context and some writers argue that ‘responsible disobedience’ should be practiced in multicultural situations where strict adherence to the code would not allow you to respect cultural diversity. How do these ideas relate to the therapeutic relationship depicted in the film?

The paper must conform to APA style including properly citing references that you use and avoiding plagiarism.

The 4 pages do not include the title page or reference page. I listed 4 souces but you can do more or less. You will need to make sure you are using references and citing them correctly throughout the paper and reference page.


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