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Evidenced-Based And Non-Evidenced Based Treatment Options


See both the“Limitations to Evidenced Based Practice” and “Rationale and Standards of Evidence Based Practice,”and listen to the Case Studies in Non-evidence Based Treatment Part One (if needed transcript for part one audio). See case study audio file and transcript to base remarks. Based on the available information, evaluate the symptoms and presenting problems for the patient in the case study and propose a provisional diagnosis. Describe one evidence-based treatment for this diagnosis and provide a rationale for your choice. Research at least two peer-reviewed articles to support your evidence-based treatment selection?

  • Referencesforarticlesattached.docx
  • PSY645_CasestudiesinnonevidencebasedtreatmentPartone.pdf
  • LimitationstoEvidencedBasedPractice.pdf
  • RationaleandStandardsofEv

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