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Executive Summary – Varsity Term Papers



The Executive Summary Exercise Assignment is written for high-level decision-makers and those who may not have enough time to read a lengthy report in an organization.  The Executive Summary Exercise Assignment gives a thorough snapshot of the purpose, implications, recommendations, and any other essential information for a leader to make an informed decision.

Previously in class you completed a major research paper in the form of a leadership training proposal. Your Chief is impressed with the proposal and wishes to brief the City Manager and City Council on this proposal. The Chief would like for you to produce an executive summary for the City Manager/City Council presentation.

Your document will still have an APA compliant cover page.  No abstract is needed for this paper. If you have references you will need a reference page.

·       It is expected that your Executive Summary Exercise Assignment main body will be one page up to 10% of the length of your original report.

·       This assignment is required to be in current APA format.

·       It is expected that there will be very few (if any) references in this Executive Summary Exercise Assignment

·       While sources are not required, any research used should be scholarly research.

Here are some highlights of an executive summary:

·       They are short.  Executive summaries may run as much as 10% of the original length of the original report.  However, think in terms of a typical executive summary of one to two pages.

·       They are self-contained. Executive summaries are presented separate from the original report to a specific target audience. References to material contained in the main report are not needed as the decision-maker may not have the original report.  However, this must be mitigated if inherent danger or liability needing further explanation is in the original report. In this case the executive summary should point to original report specifics.

·       They are constructed in a series of connected paragraphs.  Many executive summaries with multi-paragraph sections often use sub-headings as a form of organization. The use of sub-headings, even in a short executive summary, allow a decision-maker to find key information.

·       They contain only the most important information about the project.  Focusing on significance, findings, strengths, weaknesses, drawbacks, measurements, and/or recommendations keeps the summary pithy.

·       They are written at the technical level of the audience.  If the audience is not familiar with jargon, acronyms, and other technical terms, do not include the terms or better explain the terms.  Again, the focus is on the decision-makers.

·       They are typically the last report to be written. All the key points cannot be included if the original report is incomplete. 

·       There are many correct formats.  As stated above, the page length may vary from one to two pages up to 10% of the original report.  The format may or may not have sub-section headings.  Remember the job is to create a brief, informative, quick to review, document with all of eh salient points of the project for the decision-maker. 

·       Look at several methods of executive summaries and the Executive Summary Exercise Grading Rubric. Then, choose the most appropriate format.               

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.  


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