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Exp19_word_ch02_ml1_festival | Computer Science homework help





Exp19 Word Ch02 ML1 Festival


Project Description:

In the following project, you will use Word to prepare a document promoting an upcoming festival. You will format the document, including bullets, styles, and line and paragraph spacing. In addition, you will add interest by including objects, such as pictures and WordArt.


Start Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML1_Festival.docx.   Grader has   automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. 


Change the document   theme to Organic. Format the first paragraph in the document, Mount Vernon Hot Air Balloon Festival,   as WordArt using the Fill: Black, Text color 1; Outline: White, Background   color 1; Hard Shadow: Orange, Accent color 5 (third row, second column)   style. Change the font size of the WordArt object to 24.


Change the wrapping   style of the WordArt object to Top and Bottom. Format the WordArt object with   Shape Style Subtle Effect – Teal, Accent 2. If necessary, visually   center the WordArt object on the first paragraph of the document.


Format the second   paragraph in the document, See the   Canyon From The Top!, as center   and bold with a font color of Teal, Accent 2.


Select the remaining   text on page 1, beginning with May   28-29, 2022 and ending with on the   festival grounds. Format the selected text into two columns with a line   in between and equal column width. Change the font of the columned text on   page 1 to Century Schoolbook. Insert a page break (not a section break) on   page 2 after the sentence ending with inflate   balloons on the festival grounds


No material for   public distribution should contain errors. You check for spelling and grammar   mistakes because it speaks to professionalism and influences how people see   the festival and those who run it.
  Check spelling and grammar—the word Ballumination   is not misspelled (for the purposes of this document). Correct any   spelling or grammar errors.


Right align the third   paragraph on page 1—May 28-29, 2022.   Format all columned text with a line spacing of 1.5 and paragraph spacing   after of 6 pt. Insert a column break to the left of the paragraph beginning with   And don’t forget the dogs!


With the insertion   point immediately to the left of the paragraph beginning As for the kids, search Online Pictures using the keywords hot   air balloons and then insert an appropriate image from the results. Note:   alternatively, you can search for an image in a web browser, and then   download and insert a relevant image from the results.
  Select and delete any additional text boxes that may display when the image   is inserted. Change the height of the picture to 1”. Change the wrapping   style to Square and apply a picture style of Reflected Bevel, White. Position   the picture so that it is on the left side of the paragraph beginning with As for the kids, but still in the   right column.


Recolor the picture   with Teal, Accent color 2 Light. Apply the Paint Brush Artistic Effect. 


On page 3, format the   heading When is the best time to see   balloons? as bold with a font color of Teal, Accent 2. Create a new style   named Questions based on the formatting applied to the same   heading. Apply the Questions style to the other questions (headings) on page   3.


On page 4, apply   solid round bullets to the nine paragraphs on the page beginning with Although there is no perfect and   ending with for a show to begin.   Decrease the indent so the bullets begin at the left margin. Change the color   of the bullet symbols to Teal, Accent 2. 


Insert a page break (not   a section break) before the heading How   can I plan for the best experience on page 3.


Select the schedule   of items under the heading Saturday   (5/28/2022), beginning with 6:00 AM   and ending with Balloon Glow.   Set a left tab stop at 1” and another left tab with a dot leader at 3”. Click   at the beginning of each line in the schedule of items and press TAB to move   the items to the left tab stop position. Move the activities to the 3” tab   stop position.

  Perform the same task with the schedule of items under Sunday (5/29/2022).


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML1_Festival.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.


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