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Expert Session – Varsity Term Papers


Crisis Ready: How To Build An Invincible Brand

By: Melissa Agnes

In this video, you will learn the difference between crisis and issue and be able to define a situation as one or the other. You will also learn what it takes to effectively manage a crisis situation. By: Melissa Agnes

Link to the Expert Session:

In this write-up, you want imagine that you are teaching someone about this Expert and what you learned; you want to follow the following format:

· Introduction – Who was the Expert and why are they considered an expert

· Name the top 3 to 5 things the Expert chose to share – you need to explain WHY these things are important to content marketing 

· How can you imagine using one or two of these skills in your own work in content marketing? 

· Conclusion – Did you find this Expert session to be of value? Why or why not?

In this expert session, be sure to reference the following:

  • What is a crisis in terms of brand identity? What are some different types of crises?
  • What are some effective strategies content marketers can use to respond to or prevent crisis situations?
  • What mistakes can content marketers make when responding to crises? How do we avoid these?

1-2 pages
Use this video only as your reference only no outside sources


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