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Facility mangement | Social Science homework help


 The institution that you will be using is Durham Parks and Recreation. I will need this in a word document and powerpoint.

  1. Does the institution regard the development and updating of facilities as an overall institutional responsibility (rather than the responsibility of the athletics program)?
  2. Are fundraising or capital campaigns in place or planned? Explain how.
  3. How are your facilities adequate to support the sports that are sponsored? For northern climates, have you considered the degree to which outdoor sports, especially baseball and softball, might have to use gymnasiums until the weather warms up?
  4. To what degree would you be responsible for raising money for facility development or improvement?
  5. What is included in the institution’s five-year facility plan?
  6. To what degree are the facilities used for campus recreation or classroom purposes?
  7. When do the contracts with vendors periodically update the scoreboards?
  8. Do local high school use one or more or your facilities? What are the ramifications of that arrangement?
  9. Who is responsible for maintenance of your facilities? Explain. At many Division II institutions, for example, baseball and softball coaches are expected to maintain their fields. Do you have the resources to support a full-time facilities manager and, if so, what would that person’s job description look like?


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