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Field assignment | Management homework help


you will conduct an interview with a business owner, a manager or an entrepreneur in order to gather information from someone with experience managing a business. You can interview managers you already know (e.g. a friend, a family member or a colleague in a managerial position). The interview will cover the main topics of the course. You will be asked to share with the instructor a list of questions you plan to include. This will help you get feedback prior to the interview.

The final deliverable is a report submitted on Turnitin that should not exceed 4000 words (average 3000 words, minimum 1500 words). Please consider this structure for your final paper:

  • Highlight Interview Results (no transcript-style, please).
  • Lessons learned from the interview: how do they relate to your personal and professional experience?
  • Managerial Implications: is there anything that you would have done differently from the manager/entrepreneur you interviewed?


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