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Final essay- construction safety | Applied Sciences homework help


This is 25% of grade. Need an A.

Unit VII Research Paper 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified four categories of hazards that account for more than 50% of all construction fatalities: 

falls (36.5%),struck-by object (10.1%), electrocutions (8.6%), and caught-in/between (2.5%). 

The assignment is to write a research paper involving one of these four construction hazard categories. You may narrow your topic down to a more specific type of accident within the major category.

 For example, under falls, you could focus your research on falls from ladders. When writing the paper, consider the questions below. 

1. What are the common causative factors?
2. What does data indicate?
3. What are the effective proven corrective measures? 

The submission must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. A minimum of three scholarly sources must be used from the Waldorf Online Library. Scholarly sources include the ones listed below: 

peer-reviewed journal articles (Click access a webinar outlining peer-reviewed articles.), safety reference books and textbooks, andother publications by safety professionals and organizations (print or online).

Note that,,,, and similar broad-based Internet sites are not considered scholarly sources. Use government and professional safety-related sources, such as,,,, and Contact your professor if you have any questions about the validity of a reference source. 

APA format is required. Be sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes and paraphrased information. 


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