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Final exam management information system


Hello this is an online ISM 5150 Final Exam


1. Identify TWO (2) topics that we have covered in the course and for EACH topic:                        (approximately 3 pages for both topics; Total 10 points; 5 points for each topic)



1)      Briefly explain the topic and your understanding/interpretation of it      (1 point)

2)      Describe how you related to this topic in the course, how it enabled you to stay engaged in class, with the professor, and with your classmates                   (2 points)

3)      Explain how this topic will enable you to be a better and more effective professional (and student, if applicable) and how you immediately plan to use this skill and knowledge for your development                                                       (2 points)


2. Use the knowledge and skills you gained while working on the WileyPlus SAP ERP simulation assignments, the EBeer SCM simulation exercises, and the course material to answer the following:                                                                      (approximately 1 page Total 5 points)

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing and using ERP systems?                                                                                                                                      (2 points)

2) What are the challenges that organizations face when managing supply chain dynamics and the related business processes? Explain how you propose to address these issues by the use of enterprise systems.                                                                                   (3 points)


3. Based on the CAIS article “Tutorial: Big Data Analytics” Watson (2014) that we discussed in class:                                                                            (approximately 1 page Total 5 points)

1)      Explain briefly the main business objectives of big data analytics and the main challenges and risks involved.                                                                                             (2 points)

2)      Describe briefly how you would apply big data analytics to a private or government organization to gain the objectives discussed above.  Use your experience of SAP Lumira exercises to explain how you would use data visualization techniques.        (3 points)


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