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Final project milestone two: research question, hypothesis, and


This assignment is another building block for the final project  


Prevalence Of Mental Health Disorders Among Foster Children


 What are the mental health problems faced by foster care children?  

A testable research question based on previous research related to your chosen topic above. and a description of your research question’s relevance to the field of psychology. Make sure to address your instructor’s feedback from Milestone One, in which you submitted your preliminary research question. 


“Your submission meets expectations and adheres to all of the critical elements for this assignment. Nice work. Make sure you consider any feedback given during this past week’s discussion question.” 

A testable hypothesis based on the research question 

Abstracts for at least six articles that are related to the research question and hypothesis. For the purposes of this assignment, it is acceptable to copy the abstract from each article and paste it into your paper.  

Annotations for at least six articles  

Please see the rubric attached and the topic for the research question assignment.


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