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 RESPOND TO Loring and Sandra post be constructive and professional with response. 

Loring post


Violating Company Internet Policies.

Who would have thought that violating a company’s internet policy would become so unethical? Today, this is becoming a major issue that needs to be addressed. I became a head housekeeper of a hotel and I have witnessed many unethical behaviors within the employees. One of the most common was issues arising around a cell phone. When the housekeeper is supposed to be working and cleaning a room, they are in the rooms scrolling on Facebook, tic tok, etc and I have even witnessed some employees doing the tic tok music videos. It is unethical behavior to be on a social media platform when you are supposed to be at working and it is unfair to other employees. This company had a policy that no housekeeper could leave until all rooms are done. This put employees who have done their job and not violating company policies had to help the housekeeper who decided to be on social media instead of working. This became an issue between the employees which caused me to bring it to my manager and see if there is something we could do about the situation. I created a mandatory meeting with the housekeepers to help reduce the use of cell phones on the job. If I were to not say anything to the employee, I would be also performing unethical behavior. However, I have also worked the front desk and have witnessed the front desk clerk logging into social media platforms on the company’s computer. They even put Netflix on the computer and would watch it. Since cell phones were already an issue now it has moved to the company computer. The manager was already aware of the behavior and the employee was punished accordingly. Do you think that technology and the use of cell phones/computers is becoming more of an unethical behavior in the workplace? 

Through this experience, I learned leadership skills and how to work effectively within my employees. This position was not an easy task, however, after have some successful meetings my housekeeping team had all the same vision. We were able to come up to a solution to the issue that was at hand. Through my success in leadership with this company, I was able to advance to housekeeper manager/head housekeeper, assistant manager of the front desk, and manager of our breakfast department. Another thing I learned was to lead by example and reinforce ethical behaviors with the employees. I also learned a about different styles of communication and how to handle the communication issues.

In the last five weeks, I have learned so much. It is hard to choose one thing that stood out the most. Learning the foundations of business, cultural differences, and partnerships have really stood out for me. What I have learned throughout this course will help me in my personal and career path. I was so excited to learn from this course and what new things I would learn. However, I did not expect to realize how much I did not know thinking I did and what mistakes I made that I could have avoided. Overall, I am glad to have the knowledge I do about business. I cannot wait to utilize what I have learned. I am also proud to be sitting with a “A” throughout this course. I am also glad to be sitting with a current 3.95 GPA of all the course I took so far. Only five courses left until graduation. Also, I think that I will advance my degree and get my bachelor’s in business. Thank you all. Wishing everyone the best of luck throughout your journey. 

Sandra post


Many years ago I worked for a company that was an insurance company. I was the logistics manager for this company. The company did not want to pay overtime to their employees yet expected us to work 10 hour days. At the end of the year my bonus equaled and a few times exceeded my annual salary. The company would ask management to ask their employees to please not have overtime on their time cards and that they would allow comp time. Meaning if someone worked two hours over they would get two hours time off in return. However, several employees said that would work for them and they accumulated a ton of time off. I had some that had four hundred hours owed to them. After several months of this working condition the company began to lay people off as they merged with another company. The employees grew upset at the company and ended up suing to company, for the time owed to them. I knew this practice was unethical and knew it was wrong, I did encourage a few of my employees to join in the suit. They all finally received payment for their time and the company had issues with the labor board.

What I learned from this experience is to always back up my employees and make sure they are paid for their time and services they provide to any organization. Sometimes I have an employee that will tell me that they worked after punching the time clock so they can finish up. I always tell them to please if they are not finished to let me know prior to punching the time clock. I would rather pay overtime and justify that to my boss then them not getting paid for their time.

What I have learned in this class is a better understanding of how corporations plan to grow their moneys and plans on how to achieve these goals. Week four has been my favorite and most challenging week. I love learning about global business and the research was fun

a) Scenario 1: called the open line and reported it, but somehow they found out cause a day later he was told he was being laid off.  

b) Scenario 2: He asked for a raise since they did not give him one in 5 years (not even a cost of living raise, who does that?).  

c) Scenario 3: He tried calling his HR rep about getting an increase in pay, 2 days later his manager at that time put him on PIP (did not work by the way, HR was on my husband’s side but still couldn’t give a raise.  

I could go on and on, but in the long run we even tried the labor board and nothing came about with that. At the point of trying everything, he eventually just gave up and stuck it out. Are there any other suggestions that maybe he could have tried to resolve the conflict without having to look for another job?

Learned Experience:

Based on the reading in chapter 4 this week and the event with my husband, would have to agree with statement, “Some Managers think ethics is a personal matter, either they have principals or they don’t” (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2019, “Managing Businesses Ethically and responsibly”). Well, based on the even with my husband, they certainly didn’t have any moral high ground or care about my husband as an employee. Yes, I disagree with this statement, managers should have an absolute interest in all of their employee’s needs, productivity and well-being. Productivity only goes when employee morale is up. What is everyone else’s thoughts?


  1. After 14 years of going to school, graduation day has finally made it. My last class will be finished up by September and I will have my degree.
  2. Although this was a business class it amazed me on how much I was able to learn and apply it to my everyday job and home life. Some at work aren’t too happy because I’ve been able to point out and fix a lot of the mistakes they’ve been making in the “reports” and the data that makes up those reports.


What are the natural science principles that you have identified in your research?

How are these principles relevant to your issue and question?


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