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English 1131

Block Memo Assignment
Based on Text Exercise 2.12

·         Choose one set of web pages from the following list and analyze the implied audience of these two web pages. 

·         COMPARE AND CONTRAST BOTH WEBSITES FROM THE PAIR YOU CHOOSE. If you only comment on one of the pair, you will only receive half credit.

·         Use specific examples from each website to illustrate your findings.

·         Answer the FOUR bulleted questions found on pages 34-35. Each one will become a section of your memo with a Bolded Heading.

·         DO NOT respond to a-e.

·         Your memo will have FOUR sections, one for each of the four questions in the text.

This Assignment is worth 30 points.

Web Page Pairs List:

·        Remember the “forbidden words,” and strive to use only precise words and action verbs in your sentences.  

·        Use specific examples from each site to support your conclusions about the implied audiences for each website you examine.

Follow the template in Angel for your memo.  

·        Date:  (Write the date you post the memo) 

·        To:  English 1131 Class  

·        From:  Your Name 

·        Subject:  Write a brief explanation that tells what the memo is about.  Tell me which websites you are comparing.

·        For subject lines, capitalize the first letter of each main word.   

·        For an introduction, provide a brief overview of the memo.  This only needs to be a few lines, but avoid phrases like “This memo will discuss,” or the “The following memo reports….”  Instead, just give a summary of your main points.  



Bold Heading

Type the memo’s content.  Use bold headings for the four individual sections of the memo.  The bold headings tell your reader what to expect in that section. 

Separate each section with a triple space – two lines of white space, but double space – one line of white space – between paragraphs.  Do not indent the paragraphs; that’s part of what makes this memo an example of block format. You’ll be using block format later in the course when you write letters.   

Finally, remember the “forbidden words,” and strive to use precise words and action verbs in all your sentences.


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