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Foundations of planning planning planning is a primary function of



Foundations of Planning


Planning is a primary function of management. It is also used as a basis for the people in management to help them in organization, leading as well as controlling the various activities that are conducted within the organization. It can be described as a process that aids in the decision making of an organization’s goals and objectives, as a way for the organization to gain direction so that the accomplishment of the various tasks can be made purposeful and benefitting to those who are part of the organization as well as to the customers that the organization is serving. This helps with getting the job done in a timely manner, through the establishment of the organization’s overall strategy so that the staff may work towards the laid out goals through the integration and coordination of all the organizational activities. Planning can be done in two ways, formally or informally. It all depends on the organizational style of doing things or meeting needs. In the case of smaller businesses, for instance, the use of informal planning is common such that there is little communicated or verbalized, while the important things may not necessarily be put down, therefore, making it a general process with an aspect of discontinuity 


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