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“From the Crime to the Autopsy”


“From the Crime to the Autopsy”

Use your imagination to create a homicide case – starting from the criminal incident to the autopsy report. The story must be original. It should not reflect any television news story, real crime, or Hollywood movie. The facts of the case must be logical, and consistent with the medical examiner’s findings – all of which you create. The case may include one or multiple victims. Minimally, the case must include the following:

A murder or homicide that illustrates all of the necessary legal elements as prescribed by Maryland law (students should access the Annotated Code of Maryland – Criminal Law section) <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)(If student have difficulty accessing this link, you may enter, Annotated Code of Maryland, in any internet search engine).
Describe the manner, cause, and mechanism of death
Identify some positive conclusion from a toxicological analysis conducted in the story
Describe the presence of at least 4 phases of decomposition
Ample concepts, terms and analysis
Include a PMI for each victim created
Students will be graded on:

Correctly following assignment specifications
Accurate use and illustration of concepts, terms, and “decomposition phases”
Detail, substance and logic
ability to clearly convey ideas
The extent of analysis used in linking the case facts to the autopsy report
Correct use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
Creativity in constructing a case from start to rendering a homicide report
Your assignment must be at least 3 full pages


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