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Function based intervention | Psychology homework help


 Part 1:

Create a scatter plot for an identified behavior within your workplace, report your results, and explain any patterns that may exist. Your post should be a minimum of 500 words long and supported with appropriate scholarly references. As you create your scatter plot, pay attention to the following three objectives of the activity.


  1. You must use dimensions of ABA to evaluate whether interventions are behavior analytic in nature.
  2. You must select function-based interventions after addressing response effort, practitioner skills, contextual fit, practicality, treatment acceptability, and administrative support.
  3. You must describe assessment results and interventions in language appropriate for practitioners (i.e., without technical jargon, without mentalistic explanations).

Part 2:

 How will the information in the attached PowerPoint presentation prove applicable to your work as a behavior analyst? How did this general discussion help broaden your understanding of the unit’s objectives? Be sure to support your reflection and observations with scholarly references, where applicable. 

References to be utilized: 

Cooper, Heron & Heward Applied Behavior Analysis 2007/2012


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