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Gambling | Criminal homework help


After reviewing the Georgia Statute for Gambling, in a minimum of 150 words and a max of 500, explain why Gambling is illegal in Georgia although the state allows the Georgia Lottery to exist.  Do not explain to me how it helps education in Georgia.  Only focus on the elements of the offense and why it (GA Lottery) does or does not constutite as gambling. 

Make sure that you back your opinion with facts for other scholarly material (journal articles from Galileo and your textbook). 

must be in APA Format (please see resource tab).  This means you must cite your sources in text and list them as references.  

must be written in third person (No I believe or I feel), properly paragraphed with minimum grammatically errors and conventions. (Please proofread before submitting and see the discussion submissions requirements).  You will be graded accordingly.


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